Other Authors That I Recommend

Michael R. Hicks: Author of the amazing In Her Name and Season of the Harvest series. www.AuthorMichaelHicks.com

J.F Perkins: Author of the addicting novella series Renewal. www.JFPerkins.com

Hugh C. Howey: Author of the phenomenal Wool series and several other novels and short stories. www.HughHowey.com

Christian Cantrell: Author of the first indie novel I read on my Kindle, Containment, and many short stories. www.LivingDigitally.net

David Wingrove: Author of the epic Chung Kuo series and the principle writer and collaborator with Rand and Robyn Miller on the stellar Myst novels: The Book of Atrus; The Book of Ti’Ana; and The Book of D’ni. David Wingrove Wikipedia Page