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Dear Trump Supporter,

Today, I am writing to encourage you to reconsider your support for Donald Trump and urge you to make a different choice on November 3, 2020. Our nation is in crisis, and this election is likely to change the trajectory of our country. We have a choice: the continuation of policies that erode the foundations of our republic; or, recommit ourselves to the principles that our Founders enumerated in the Constitution.

Perhaps you are not aware of how your fellow citizens view those who support Donald Trump. You may not realize how far from the norm his behavior has drifted. And it may not be obvious how badly he has damaged the reputation and standing of the United States with our allies and international partners. Let me take a moment to give you examples that may provide you with food for thought.

The president has failed to lead our nation during the worst pandemic in a century. He has prioritized his re-election over the lives of more than 210,000 Americans. How does one defend that?

The president has praised murderous dictators while attacking our democratically elected allies. He rewards totalitarians with friendship and summits while extorting our partners in NATO, the UN, and the WHO. How does that enhance our national security?

The president has quietly rolled back decades of environmental protections that keep our natural resources and food supply safe to benefit his donors and friends in the energy and manufacturing sectors. How does that ensure a safe and healthy future for our children?

The president has labeled the free press as “fake news” and “the enemy of the people.” How does this preserve, protect, and defend the First Amendment of the Constitution, as his oath of office demands?

The president viciously attacks anyone who criticizes him, including former allies, friends, appointees, and staffers. He routinely and unapologetically makes racist, misogynistic, and xenophobic comments and labels his enemies with childish and offensive nicknames. Would you want your children or grandchildren to imitate such behavior?

The president lies. He spreads propaganda. He promotes conspiracy theories. Did your parents teach you differently?

The president has no empathy. Over 210,000 Americans have died in this pandemic, and he has not addressed the nation or offered any emotional leadership. Can you think of another American president who has behaved in such a manner?

The president has threatened to send the military to cities and states led by governors and mayors he does not like. He does not have this authority under the Constitution. How does one defend this?

The president has failed to engage in the dialog on racial injustice that has captivated the nation. Instead, he is actively widening the divisions in our country and promoting white supremacist tropes. How will history view this failure of leadership?

The president is unfit. Many former White House appointees and staffers, both civilian and military, have cited scores of examples of the president being temperamentally, experientially, and intellectually unfit to be president. How does one overlook such evidence?

In closing, I want to appeal to your sense of pride in being an American. Our nation was founded on the ideals of equality, justice, liberty, and unity. We are a diverse people representing virtually every race, religion, and ethnicity. We have persevered through wars, economic collapses, pandemics, natural disasters, civil unrest, and wrenching social change. We have built great things, reached for the stars, and enhanced the lives of billions worldwide. And none of those accomplishments can be claimed by one president or party. They are achievements that belong to all of us. One nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

Your fellow citizen,