20130322-121320.jpgFor those of you who follow this blog or my adventures in writing, you know that I have been struggling through a dry patch recently. Some family issues and a very busy time at work have conspired to drive away my muse and leave me unable to construct even vaguely interesting sentences. Such is life sometimes.

By God’s grace and with lots of prayer, it seems that life is entering a new rhythm. One added curveball from my company will have me spending the month of April in Paris. I am setting up shop in a small apartment in the 17th Arrondissement and will be living the life of a Parisian for a few weeks. I am hoping that the historic locations and stunning scenery will inspire me to return to my daily discipline of writing. It would be great to finally complete OFFSPRING and start working on the next installments of SOLITARY.

I am also trying to close a deal to do a very special collaboration project for an enhanced eBook. If it all works out, it should be an incredible story matched to some amazing music from a very gifted artist. More to come on that soon.

Anyway…I just wanted to keep my readers up to date and let you that I have not forgotten about you. You know that I appreciate all of the kind reviews, emails, comments, and messages on Facebook. It is truly a blessing to be able to communicate directly with such lovely and loyal fans.

Spring has sprung. Get outside and enjoy it.>