Offspring-Paperback-SmBETA READERS NEEDED!
OK kids…it’s that time finally! I need five brave souls to volunteer as BETA READERS (a very prestigious job) for my next novel, THE WATCHERS OF UR: OFFSPRING. The book is about the same length as CRADLE, around 270 pages.

The job of a BETA READER is to read the book carefully and identify:

  • Spelling & grammar errors (although my copy editor should have them all cleaned up for you)
  • Continuity issues (especially those tied to the first book)
  • Awkward phrasing or just weird dialog
  • Treading on hallowed ground (appropriating classic or well-worn sci-fi themes, technologies, ideas, etc.)
  • And anything else that is cringeworthy or just plain terrible…

BETA READERS are the “quality police” and need to be brutally honest. You will help me make the book ready for publication and help ensure that people enjoy this book as much as the first installment.

Qualifications: as you’ll see, I’m pretty easy to please.

  • Must be able to read the English language proficiently (yes…I actually have to mention that)
  • Must have read THE WATCHERS OF UR: CRADLE previously so that you will be familiar with the characters and plot in this sequel
  • Must commit to read and return comments within 10 days of receiving the manuscript
  • Must promise to not share the manuscript with anyone
  • Helpful if you are comfortable working with MS Word and the reviewing tools

The Deal: if you are selected, you will receive an MS Word copy of the manuscript, a mention in the preface of the book, and a special inscribed trade paperback copy of the first edition. In addition…you will have my genuine thanks and appreciation for helping me make my writing dreams come true.

How to Apply: send an email to me at and tell me why you would like to be a BETA READER and tell me why you love science fiction. Please be sure to include your complete contact information. I usually like to have a quick call to kick off and then another to debrief after I receive your feedback. I will select five people and notify you by email on September 9, 2013.

Thanks to all for your support and continued encouragement. I know it took a bit longer than I’d hoped for OFFSPRING to come to life, but alas, the journey is almost complete.