Offspring-Paperback-SmI’m happy to report that my new novel OFFSPRING has been sent out to my BETA readers. If all goes well, I’m on target for a November 15 publication date.

The past 18 months have been some of the most personally trying of my life. For those of you contemplating parenthood, let me offer a gentle warning. Raising teenagers is hard. Really hard. Extraordinarily and phenomenally hard. Seriously.

The emotional stress of life kept me from keeping my normal rigorous writing schedule. So what should have been a 3-6 month journey ended up taking 18 months. The impact was felt the minute I read the first draft of my manuscript. It was disjointed, filled with continuity errors, and frankly, not very good. So I scrapped some scenes, wrote many more, shuffled scenes and chapters, and connected the dots until I was happy with the story.

Then my editor got a hold of it. She was tough, critical, and pointed out some of my persistent issues that I had yet to resolve. After nearly four weeks of rewrites,  revisions, and more shuffling, I finally have a manuscript with which I am genuinely pleased.

Now…I hope the BETA readers think it’s ready for prime time. Stay tuned…