Legacy-Cover-5x8Cover design is always a challenging task for me. Generally I have a solid image in my mind of what I want the cover art to convey. The tricky part is finding a piece of art that matches what’s in my head. For a variety of reasons I decided not to commission a custom work for this cover. Now that I found and secured the rights to the selected art, I am thrilled with the outcome. Combining the work of two different artists is always risky, but in this case, I think the result is wonderful.

Writing on THE WATCHERS OF UR: LEGACY, the finale of the trilogy, has begun and I am hoping for a November 2015 release date. This book will bring Remus Arin and the offspring of the Fallen Ones face to face with Kavan, Father Bożydar, and the remaining crew of Kleopatra Station. Can Kavan and his team find a way to stop the invasion and conquest of Eridu? What does Peter’s “gift” mean for the future of mankind? Will the fragile alliance between the Empire and Mars survive an encounter with the offspring? Can Sabbatino and Castaneda help the Freerunner clans survive an alliance between the Emperor and Prime Minister Shaw?

All this and more will be revealed in Book 3. Stay tuned for beta chapters, a fun contest, and a special announcement later this Summer.