foleyToday as you read or watch the news, and let the images and information flow through you, caring little for where it came from, who gathered it, and why you should care…please remember photojournalist James Foley. His job was to put on body armor and walk unarmed into the most dangerous places in the world to tell stories about people caught in the deadly grip of war. His job was to put a human face on the blurry events half a world away. He did his job with professionalism, courage, and a level of sacrifice that few can understand.

Yesterday, James Foley was executed by ISIS and used as a political pawn. Please take a moment to pray for the Foley family, his friends, and his brave colleagues who are still in the field bringing you the pictures and stories of the madness of our world. And take a moment to thank God for brave men and women who risk their lives to bring us a better understanding of how things really are.