After a full year of offering my published titles on a variety of ebook platforms (Amazon, Smashwords, Kobo, Nook, iBooks) the numbers don’t lie. Even with a steady marketing effort on my part, an average of 4+ star reviews across the board, and lots of tweaking, the sales on platforms other than Amazon amount to less than 3% of my total sales. By publishing on platforms other than Amazon I give up some very valuable promotional programs that you can only access if your titles are sold exclusively on Amazon. So…as of today my titles will once again be sold exclusively through Amazon.


In celebration, I’m offering two of my most popular works for free from Sunday 9/28 thru Tuesday 9/30. You can get THE WATCHERS OF UR: CRADLE and SOLITARY for free for Kindle or Kindle Fire. It’s my gift to you in the hopes that you’ll get hooked on my stories and spread the word. Remember…independent authors rely on your reviews and word-of-mouth to sell our books.

As always, feel free to drop my a line here, on FaceBook, or via Twitter.