Cradle Paperback smGet THE WATCHERS OF UR: CRADLE for FREE on Black Friday (11/28) and Small Business Saturday (11/29). As an indie author I am claiming status as a “small business” (my prerogative as a shameless marketer) so I want to give a free e-book to anyone who likes a fun science fiction romp.

You’ll dig CRADLE if you:
1. Liked Star Wars, Firefly, Guardians of the Galaxy, or BSG.
2. Generally like interesting characters with real emotions.
3. Enjoy escaping the daily insanity of the world we live in.
4. Like to fall asleep with a good book.
5. Wonder what things will be like 500 years from now.
6. Just finished 50 Shades of Grey and need to cool off.
7. Aren’t offended by strong female characters.
8. Think Angels & Demons are interesting.
9. Wish Elon Musk had an Iron Man suit and could fly around saving people from danger.
10. Have binged watched everything good on Netflix and need to read a book.

So…click HERE and grab a copy of CRADLE for your Kindle, Kindle Fire, or Kindle App. And please…tell all your friends.