Next stepsFirst, let me thank everyone who has emailed, commented, and private messaged me mostly with kind words, and some with not so kind words. ALL of your words and thoughts are important and keep me energized and humble. My little essay has been read in more than 110 countries and by nearly 1 million people. Stunning, staggering, and very gratifying.

So here’s the plan in the wake of this kerfuffle. I plan to take the points in the essay and explore each thought in greater detail. Now that I am situated as a guest blogger at Huffington Post, I hope to use that platform (along with my website and Facebook) to continue this dialogue on topics that seem to be of interest to so many. My goal is to encourage people to explore the intersection of faith and politics, and arrive at conclusions that are based in fact rather than in raw opinion, or driven by fear or someone else’s agenda. I am thankful that God has given me an opportunity to reach many more people and hope that you will ride along with me on this journey.

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