It’s a really difficult time to be a Christian in America, but not for the reasons you might think. Not because we are persecuted, or picked on, or because things aren’t going the way we think the Bible says they should. No, it’s hard to call myself a Christian when it seems everyday one of my evangelical brothers or sisters is trying to make life terrible for our neighbors. You know…the neighbors we’re supposed to love as ourselves.

So here’s a prayer to hopefully make the world a little brighter:

Dear God, please help us to not act like we hate people.

Help us to love the gay couple next door to us. Even though we don’t understand their lifestyle, can we just be nice to them and their children and not make them feel like aliens with two heads?

Help us to not say horrible things about transgender people. They are probably just as confused by this thing called life as we are, but prefer to meet life’s challenges in high heels.

Help us to be truly pro-life. You know…willing to value a person for their whole life, and help them live with dignity regardless of their circumstances, choices, or actions.

Help us to not fear. We know we shouldn’t fear Muslims, immigrants, refugees, Socialists, brown people, poor people, gay people, atheists, or Canadians. Yet…we do.

Help us to not say things that hurt other people, even when our politicians do it.

Help us to not judge people who don’t believe in you and to not be mean to them. We know that’s against the Book you gave us and makes us hypocrites.

Help us to stop arguing over things that we think are in the Bible. And help us to stop covering our bibles in those awful homemade bible totes.

Help us to care more about the poor. You bless us so much and yet we act like we don’t have enough and that all our stuff is way too important.

Help us to serve one another in truly meaningful ways. We want to stop standing on the sidelines complaining about how things ought to be. Let us be the change we desire.

Help us to actually live the things that Jesus taught and not just pretend for our church friends.

Help us to be light and salt, not darkness and pepper spray.

Help us to shut up when we have nothing true, kind, helpful, or edifying to say.

Help us to see every person as you see them. I bet that would clear up everything mentioned above.

And finally, LORD, help us to remember that you are in charge, not us.

In Jesus’ name we pray.


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