On August 17, 2017 my wife Theresa was diagnosed with breast cancer. Since then, every day has been centered around the reality of a life-altering diagnosis and her fight to defeat this cancer. It is a great privilege to be on this journey with such a strong and faithful woman. The outpouring of love, prayers, and help from our family, friends, and church family has been humbling and amazing.

Every Thursday I accompany Theresa to Illinois Cancers Specialists and sit by her side as she receives her chemotherapy treatment. While her treatment is not fun, it is not nearly as difficult as what others receive. We see now familiar faces week after week, each treading the path of their own personal journey with cancer. All are surrounded by doctors, nurses, and technicians who care and serve with grace, dignity, and love. It is truly amazing to witness.

After watching the caregivers who accompany each patient during their infusions sit for hours in terribly uncomfortable chairs, my wife decided to make it her mission to provide a more comfortable option. So the Comfy Caregivers Chair Fundraiser was born. The goal is to buy at least 20 comfy chairs with a small flip-up desk surface to make the hours of waiting a little bit easier.


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