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The Story Continues…

After nearly two years, Book Two of THE WATCHERS OF UR saga is now available on Amazon for Kindle, the Nook Book Store, the iBook Store for iPad, the Kobo Book Store, and Smashwords for all the other e-readers. I have received many requests to make my books available on alternate... Continue Reading →


After 21 months of waiting, THE WATCHERS OF UR: OFFSPRING is now available for purchase on Amazon for Kindle. The trade paperback version will be available on Amazon in the next week or so. I am also planning to once... Continue Reading →


The WATCHERS OF UR saga continues with the release of OFFSPRING on November 29, 2013. As a special offer for my loyal readers, I am going to give away five personalized signed copies of OFFSPRING. If you would like to... Continue Reading →


ANNOUNCEMENT: The official release date for THE WATCHERS OF UR: OFFSPRING is November 29, 2013—Black Friday! The story continues 6-months after the arrival of Kavan, Father Bożydar and their unlikely companions arrive at Eridu, the unspoiled cradle world 400 light... Continue Reading →

OFFSPRING: Beta Readers…

BETA READERS ANNOUNCEMENT... First of all let me thank everyone who so kindly offered their time to beta read OFFSPRING. I am always astonished at the number of people willing to help me make my author dreams come true. Now,... Continue Reading →

Beta Readers Wanted!

BETA READERS NEEDED! OK's that time finally! I need five brave souls to volunteer as BETA READERS (a very prestigious job) for my next novel, THE WATCHERS OF UR: OFFSPRING. The book is about the same length as CRADLE, around... Continue Reading →

Free Stuff Weekend!

In preparation for the upcoming release of THE WATCHERS OF UR: OFFSPRING and SOLITARY 3, I thought do something truly diabolical (just kidding). Why not give away the first title of each series, thereby hooking the reader and ensuring some... Continue Reading →


Black Friday may be the most vulgar expression of the collision of unfettered capitalism and rabid consumerism. The notion of standing in line for hours to fight through crowds of people to save a few bucks on items that no... Continue Reading →


After reading a few serialized stories by indie authors, I thought I would try my hand at writing a novella series. For several years I've had a story idea that kept popping up from time to time. What would happen... Continue Reading →

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