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After nearly two years, Book Two of THE WATCHERS OF UR saga is now available on Amazon for Kindle, the Nook Book Store, the iBook Store for iPad, the Kobo Book Store, and Smashwords for all the other e-readers. I have received many requests to make my books available on alternate devices and sales channels and I’m pleased to finally honor those wishes.

THE WATCHERS OF UR: OFFSPRING continues the story of Kavan, Father Bożydar, Azrael and the Fallen Ones. Evil is coming to the pristine cradle world of Eridu. The crew of 216 Kleopatra is fracturing under the strain of seven years of isolation. On Mars, the pirate clans honor their fallen comrades from the Battle of Callisto. The Emperor of Earth is threatening war with Mars. And Azrael is brought before his celestial superiors to answer for the escape of the Fallen Ones as the forces of good and evil prepare for a final clash that will determine the fate of Eridu, and the future course of human history.