Offspring-Cover-5x8-Final-120x192From before the Dawn of Man, good and evil have battled on the Earth. As humans progressed from Eden to the skies and to space, Azrael watched over humanity — teaching, guiding, and protecting the Children of Earth.

The Enemy, imprisoned on Earth for their rebellion, carry out the Master’s plan to end their bondage and take the war to a new front — a pristine ‘cradle’ world where suffering and war are not known. Using the Emperor of Earth and the resources of his vast empire to build mankind’s first starship, the Enemy weaves a plot that spans generations, and threatens two sentient races.

In Book Two, THE WATCHERS OF UR: OFFSPRING, the crew of 216 Kleopatra is fracturing under the strain of seven years of isolation as the Apollyon races toward Eridu. On Mars, the pirate clans honor their fallen comrades from the Battle of Callisto, while the Emperor of Earth threatens war. Azrael is brought before his celestial superiors to answer for the escape of the Fallen Ones, while the forces of good and evil prepare for a final clash that will determine the fate of Eridu, and the future course of human history.

NOTE: This is a full-length novel of approximately 255 printed pages.

SPECIAL EDITION: Personalized signed trade paperback.
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