Offspring-Paperback-SmANNOUNCEMENT: The official release date for THE WATCHERS OF UR: OFFSPRING is November 29, 2013—Black Friday!

The story continues 6-months after the arrival of Kavan, Father Bożydar and their unlikely companions arrive at Eridu, the unspoiled cradle world 400 light years from Mars. As the Apollyon races toward them, the crew must find a way to protect the planet while learning to live amongst the station crew who have been stranded for more than seven years. Back on Mars, Lorena, Sonny, and Bronco must deal with the aftermath of the Battle of Callisto and the wrath of the Emperor of Earth.

Look for OFFSPRING on Amazon on 11/29/13, then on, Apple iBooks Store, and Smashwords within a week or so. As always, you will be able to purchase either the ebook version or a trade paperback on Amazon. Signed limited edition paperbacks will be available for purchase right here.

Stay tuned for more details and perhaps a contest.