Me in PencilWhile I like the Facebook “Year in Review” feature, I’d still like to make my own list of memories—both high and low—from a year that will hold a very prominent place in my memory.

So here are 25 Things I’ll Remember About 2013…

  1. I got baptized.
  2. Had the privilege to help baptize my eldest son.
  3. Leaned on God more than I ever have in my entire life.
  4. Had prayers answered and watched God provide for us over and over and over.
  5. Grew closer to my wife spiritually and love her more than I thought I could.
  6. Solidified ties to our small group and my men’s group.
  7. Lived in Paris for six weeks.
  8. Vacationed with my family in Puerto Rico.
  9. Visited the UK, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Spain, Germany, and Italy.
  10. Spent a weekend in Naples lurking around museums.
  11. Spent time in the woods with my son Tom.
  12. Had a genuine “God moment” with my son Alex in New Orleans.
  13. Saw the Red Sox at Fenway Park with my son Drew.
  14. Watched my daughter Cassie begin the process to become a teacher.
  15. Saw my great-uncle for the last time.
  16. Said goodbye to my father-in-law.
  17. Got to reunite with some old friends from high school.
  18. Published my second novel.
  19. Began a collaboration with a good friend…
  20. Made some new friends.
  21. Read lots of good books.
  22. Got hooked on “Mad Men”, “Game of Thrones”, and “Homeland”.
  23. Laughed a lot.
  24. Cried more than I care to.
  25. And through it all, kept my eyes focused on Christ.