I’m empty. That’s the best way I can describe how I feel today. I’m not hopeless; my hope is in Jesus not in any thing or person in this world. I’m not angry; that is a useless emotion. I’m not sad; I reserve sadness for loss and I have lost nothing. And yet…I’m empty.

So now what?

Well…I’m going to refocus my attention on my fiction writing. I have the third novel of the Watchers of Ur cycle to finish. I have two other novels in development. And I have a musical that is undergoing a major re-write. This is where I will expend my creative energy.

While I have enjoyed and felt extraordinarily privileged to share my thoughts in my essay series for The Huffington Post, it is time to return to my first love and the thing that keeps me centered, grounded, and content.

Thanks to everyone who has participated in the raucous, loud, messy, and vibrant debate over the past year. I appreciate your passion and willingness to share your thoughts. The conversation will continue in other venues for there is much work to be done.

Going forward, my sincere hope is to give you moments of entertainment and escape by creating compelling and memorable characters and stories that inspire. I look forward to sharing the process and giving you glimpses into the works in progress.


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