By now you’ve surely heard or read about the latest, and to date, most devastating controversy of the Trump campaign. Last night and this morning I have had so many thoughts (some eloquent and others mere grunts and growls of raw emotion) roll around in my brain. I had planned to pen a lengthy essay on the subject but decided that this is one of those rare moments that requires a sparse and urgent comment. So…to all my male Christian friends who still support Trump, I offer the following for your careful consideration.

Do you still support Trump after being caught on tape bragging about how he uses his “star power” as a justification for self-admitted acts of sexual assault? Do you still support him after failing to acknowledge his behavior and offer a contrite and sincere apology? Do you still support him after he brazenly attempted to shift the focus from his own despicable actions, words, and attitudes to the actions of Bill Clinton? Do you still support him after he refuses the calls of members of his own party to step aside for the good of the party and the nation?

If you still support him after all that, I am baffled by how you could explain your support of such a man to your mother, wife, daughter, or granddaughter. It strains my understand to fathom how you can condone misogyny, sexual predation, and objectification.

Can you, in good conscience, put your economic and political interests ahead of the safety, rights, and dignity of the women in your life?

If you can, you may want to spend some time on your knees asking God to examine your heart and lead you to a better decision.

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